Is It Safe?
Paintball is safer than any contact sport, because our focus is on safety. Since starting the business over six years ago, we have never experienced an eyesight related emergency. Click here to get the facts about how safe paintball really is.
How Much Money Will I Spend?
On average, a day of paintball fun is equal to a day of skiing. The average is about $50.00. Click here to see the typical costs.
How Much Paint Do I Need To Buy?
That depends on you. If you play the game like Rambo, you can use all your paintball's in one game.
What Should I Wear?
Old clothing, you'll get dirty. Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is best.
Do I Need To Wear Camouflage?
No, any dark colored clothing will do. Wearing camouflage helps to conceal your position and adds to the excitement of the game, but it's not required.
Can I Bring A Camera?
Yes, in fact we strongly recommend it!
Can We Bring Beer?
NO! There is absolutely no alcohol or drugs of any kind are allowed on the property.
How Old Do You Have To Be To Play?
7 and older.  We recommend the younger players participate in our JT Splatmaster parties which are a lower velocity and lower impact paintball alternative.
Does Being Hit By A Paintball Hurt?
We can't lie. It stings but the pain usually lasts only a few minutes.
Can I Bring My Own Paint?
No.  Fox 4 Paintball is a FIELD PAINT ONLY field. 
What Time Should I Arrive?
Players are asked to arrive at 9:00-9:30 a.m. so they can register and set up in time for the first game.
Where Is The Field?
We're located 10 minutes west of Route 495 in Upton, MA. The field address is 159 Milford Street (Rt. 140). Look for our sign. Park to the right of the store. Click here for additional directions.
Can I Book A Private Game?
Yes, you can. We offer half day and all day private parties.  Call the store for more information or book on-line.
Can I Bring My Own Food And Beverages?
Yes.  We also offer snacks and drinks for those people looking for a quick alternative. The only exception is you can NOT bring alcoholic beverages.
How Long Do The Games Last?
The average game runs approximately thirty minutes long.
How Many Games Will We Play?
We average about six to seven games per day.
Can I Climb A Tree To Be A Sniper?
We don't allow tree climbing for safety reasons. Besides, once you've been spotted, you'd be a sitting duck!
Do I Need Parental Permission?
Yes, if your are under the age of 18. Click here to fill it out on-line.  If you're a minor (Under 18) you'll need Mom or Dad to sign it.
When Is The Field Open?

We're open every Saturday and Sunday April through December. Private games can be arranged for any day of the week.  

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